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scarlett johansson + hair

this is like those do you love the color of the sky posts but better



i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.

butterflycell asked:
Jim gets seriously enthusiastic about everything all the time when it comes to the Enterprise, and Bones happily sits and listen to him for hours, and every so often Jim will kiss him in return, because he may be ace but Bones isn't, so they trade


Oh dear God yes, I love you c’mere <3

butterflycell asked:
Imagine Jim and Bones coming to an arrangement about Bones being able to have sex with other people once a month, but Bones only takes the offer once or twice because he'd rather get himself off with Jim holding him gently and murmuring encouragments


Yes yes yes, because Jim trusts Bones enough to be okay with that, cause he wants Bones to be happy, but really Bones just feels guilty when he does it. Because while he knows that Jim had said he’s okay with it he knows if he were in that position it wouldn’t exactly feel great and besides, it’s never the same with someone else. He likes feeling Jim’s arms around him when he comes apart, likes the way that Jim kisses him afterwards, loves being held by Jim in bed afterwards.

He knew what he was signing up for when he got into a relationship with Jim, and if anything he’s grateful for it because it means that he appreciates all of the other ways they can show each other affection even more than he ever had in previous relationships.


The world is black and white till you meet your soulmate. For Jim Kirk, it was Leonard McCoy.


doooooone, thankyou sweetie ^^